Innovation and highlights in plain sight

Professionals and business partners will experience our innovative car wash technology up close and personal at Car-Wash-Days. Thanks to our SMART SCREENS, the FOAM SPLASH, and our RGB effect lighting, the wash tunnel in the showroom is a genuine highlight.

Advertising that illuminates:
The huge and incredibly bright SMART SCREEN lights up in the truest sense of the word – what better way for Christ customers to create customised advertising and draw attention to themselves. Modern and smart at the same time. The SMART Screen was designed to deliver an optimised advertising performance for your wash tunnel that defies all weather and especially all levels of sunlight.

Safety first – an easy, safe and relaxed entrance:
The new double-track plate conveyor system with its belt width of 720 mm gives your customers and operating personnel a sense of safety. Benefit to operators and customers: This reduces brake-induced belt stops and assistance systems are rendered ineffectual as all 4 wheels are positioned on the conveyor system. Furthermore, the plate conveyor is a visual highlight for the customers passing through the wash tunnel; a factor that can set car wash operators apart from the competition.

The car washing experience – you can’t take your eyes off it:
The illuminated, high-end aluminium arch that is the front gantry is fully equipped and stands out due to its unique design incorporating an elaborate moving program display and the FOAM SPLASH function, which illuminates the foam curtain with its RGB effects. This makes the washing experience a visual one.



Greater power – shortening the manual pre-wash:
The rotating high-pressure jets on the TURBOJET FLEX, which are mounted on the EVO-1 wash portal, remove even the most stubborn dirt from the vehicle, thereby shortening the manual pre-wash stage considerably. The EVO-1 roll over impresses due to its low installation depth and is mainly used in short wash tunnels.

The EVOLUTION wash tunnel
The next CHRIST EVOLUTION system is our EVO-4 roll over in combination with the EVO-3 side-roller system. These win over customers with their perfect all-round washing performance. At no point do the side rollers leave the vehicle, even at critical points.

The highest level of drying performance
All of this is topped off by our AEROPRO-FLEX and AEROFLEX-CONTOUR dryer combination, which delivers a drying performance that will satisfy even the most discerning customer.


Made by people for people
Memmingen 24/09/2020


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