Christ Wash Systems is the new system partner at A1 

Socar in Austria


The Styrian mineral oil dealer A1 which has more than 80 stations in Austria launched an extensive investment programme in the car wash sector at the turn of the year 2018/2019. The background is the takeover of the petrol station chain by Socar which took place one year earlier, whereby the A1 brand which is established in the market, will be continued.

Christ Wash Systems and our Styrian partner ALGE Waschtechnik have been selected together as the exclusive supplier. In a first package, 11 locations with a wash tunnel and 10 roll over wash units are currently being renovated.

The start was made by the wash tunnel of the A1 station Graz-Eggenbergg├╝rtel which was ordered by the customer in mid-November 2018 and was produced by Christ within three months. The wash tunnel was installed and at the same time the wash hall was renovated by ALGE Waschtechnik. The opening of the new wash tunnel took place in mid-February 2019 and marked the starting point of the new Car Wash range of A1 petrol stations.

On a chain length of 30 m the wash tunnel is fully equipped including medium-pressure prewash, underbody wash device, a main wash zone with 6 cylinders (EVO-4S technology with double cross over wash) and premium drying. The wash tunnel is operated in an environmentally friendly manner with a FONTIS-L water treatment system. It should be emphasised that the A1 already relies on the new premium wash material MICRO-X with improved cleaning and shine performance in order to stand out from the competition. Of course, the interior cleaning stations were also equipped with new Christ vacuum cleaners.



For the new roll over wash units MICRO-X, the microfiber wash material introduced to the market by Christ in 2018, was chosen. This is used on the roll over wash units Centus-T, a flexible unit for petrol stations.

The wash customer can choose between four programmes at A1 which are sold as barcode tickets in the shop via the Christ shop terminal. The wash systems are equipped with wheel and side high-pressure programmes, foam and special wax equipment as well as programme step displays and the option of an underbody wash. In order to clearly communicate the A1 car wash as a service to the customer all systems were supplied in A1 corporate design.

In operation, A1 relies on the professional support provided by the customer service of ALGE and Christ which were entrusted with the new car washes as part of a full maintenance service.

We are looking forward to the cooperation with A1/Socar and wish them a successful car wash business.


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