The doors are wide open

Containers from Christ have always been modular in design and suitable for use in new buildings and modernisation projects. The previous “COMPACT” series provided enough space for the entire mechanical setup of up to three washing stations.

Our redesigned SKIP-M version ticks all of these boxes and more.

In future, you can choose whether you want your container from Christ to be made of high-quality, durable refined steel or if you would like the galvanised and powder-coated version. Both versions come with insulation as standard, which protects your mechanical equipment and keeps the room frost-free together with the integrated heating system, especially in the cold months.

Set yourself apart from your competitors and decide what look your container should have. You have the option of choosing a colour from our wide range of pre-defined colours.

There's no need to worry about gaining access to valves, supply equipment or other components.

Thanks to the four lockable doors on each half of the container, the technology is accessible from all sides at all times, making any additional work far easier and saving you valuable time.

Opt for quality, functionality and design, and reap the benefits each and every day. 


Made by people for people

Memmingen 21/09/2020



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