Under the motto "MEET THE BIG FIVE OF CHRIST",

Christ is bringing all the technology together (September to December 2020)

Experience the BIG FIVE product areas of professional vehicle washing, live and all together under one roof

Christ is launching a new platform for information and communication in the form of the Christ CAR WASH DAYS. Together under one roof, Christ is offering key professionals in the vehicle washing industry an exclusive opportunity to get better acquainted with products in the wash factory.
In addition to experiencing live products, the aim of the event is to feel more connected, share experience and exchange ideas with others in the industry, in order to learn, network and inspire each other. Very small groups will enable customers and developers in the vehicle washing industry to benefit from an intensive exchange of experiences within an established framework.

Within this framework, Christ is introducing completely new technology:

A multitude of customers, business partners and media representatives as well as developers, designers and enthusiastic machine builders, all under one roof for one day — what plan could be better?
Christ will be introducing a completely new product family for the first time, Christ-DNA, which will be presented by the sales and development division in-house and include a live showcase of the products in action.

All of the Big Five product areas of automated vehicle washing will be presented, including roll over wash units, wash tunnels, self-service wash bay systems, payment systems, washing chemicals and accessories for vehicle washing.
Christ offers the highest level of innovation in its technology, with energy-saving and optimised washing quality packed into this new design as well as elementary LED highlights that take professional vehicle washing for customers to a new level.

Under the motto of "CAR WASH DAYS 2020, MEET THE BIG FIVE OF CHRIST", you have the chance to experience the future of vehicle washing up close: Christ will bring customers and business partners in the washing industry closer to the latest Christ developments for a successful washing business of the future.

Registration, further information and dates for the event, which will be held on various days between September and December, can be found at

The future is NOW, we live for car washing!

More than a CAR WASH,
be part of the Christ Group

Memmingen, 20.07.2020


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