Christ BUBBLEBRUSH, the new foam brush

for a top-quality wash experience

Improve your customers' wash experience and wash results
with the new BUBBLEBRUSH from Christ. Your customers will love this innovative foam/brush technology and our new self-service cleaning product.

A brand new brush has become the latest addition to our BUBBLE range, where it joins the successful BUBBLEGUN. The brush on the BUBBLEBRUSH has a brand new design — but all of technology behind the tool is based on the tried-and-tested, highly efficient system of the BUBBLEGUN.

This means that it offers the same benefits as the BUBBLEGUN, such as providing outstanding foam formation while also conserving energy and resources. Using compressed air means that water and chemical usage can be reduced to a minimum. The completely new BUBBLEBRUSH tool provides users with improved handling and wash results. The completely redesigned brush head has much denser trimming and features bristles on the sides. These bristles both protect the vehicle and make it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas properly.

The technology behind the BUBBLEBRUSH is compact and can be neatly mounted on a supply shelf, where the foam levels can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the user's needs.

Our wonderful new product for the self-service sector is already in use in many systems and we are sure that your customers will love it! Choose the BUBBLEBRUSH and

  • save resources
  • offer your customers a unique foam experience
  • give your customers the best possible wash results with the new brush

have a look at the film BUBBLEBRUSH

Christ has also developed a new shampoo especially for use with BUBBLEBRUSH technology: the new BUBBLEBRUSH 2-in-1 deep shine shampoo.

This shampoo washes and polishes your vehicle in one step. This not only provides an intensive, foaming wash experience, it also gives vehicles a new, long-lasting shine that your customers will love. It also guarantees high levels of efficiency: With an average chemical consumption of just 10–15 ml of BUBBLEBRUSH shampoo per minute of program execution time, using this product both conserves resources and sustainably reduces your operating costs.


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