CADIS a star is born!

CADIS - The next generation of CAR WASH is now

Top 100 Innovator Christ introduces new CADIS roll over wash unit generation onto the market


With the new CADIS model, Otto Christ AG presents as an innovation leader, a technically and optically completely new developed roll over wash system model.

Two years ago the go-ahead was given for the development of the new generation. This machine series meets the future requirements of car wash at petrol stations, car dealerships and wash centres.

The requirements of the respective operator groups differ considerably. The different customer needs of global car wash markets also vary greatly.

It became soon clear to us that the new machine series had to be adaptable to customer requirements with a variable modular system.

The name CADIS symbolizes a pioneering sparkling star. And exactly this requirement is fulfilled by the roll over wash unit CADIS. The wash and drying performance as well as the gloss level achieved with short programme run times is outstanding.

With this latest evolutionary stage of CADIS, Otto Christ AG has not only developed a visionary new system for the previously successful roll over wash system generation, but has also technologically implemented the future standard in the field of roll over wash system technology.


The focus of development continued to be on ensuring that the roll over wash unit was manufactured to the highest quality standards. Longevity, reliability and low maintenance costs and energy consumption are the keywords that CADIS brilliantly meets.

In addition the superior appearance of the machine also convinces the end consumer and creates valuable trust.

The memorable machine design with recognition factor presents the car wash in a modern and fresh way and also blends into the modern architecture of the buildings of petrol stations, car dealerships and wash centres.

A clear, modern and simple user guidance in the new TOUCH POS control unit with 10 inch monitor convinces by the newly developed user interface. All generations understand the operating possibilities without the need for additional information. Old inhibitions during operation are eliminated. It is simple and fun.

The TOUCH POS operator terminal can be expanded from a pin code and transponder cards to a VENDOR payment system with credit card function thanks to a wide range of options.

The roll over wash unit CADIS offers the following highlights:

Basic versions:
Passage heights: 2,10 m - 3,10 m
Passage widths / window zone: 2,55 m | 2,70 m
Outer dimensions: 3,52 m | 3,67 m
Wheel guiding pipes: 2,10 m

Portal frame: hot dip galvanized | DUPLEX powder coated
Add-on pieces: stainless steel | plastic | aluminium alloys

Enlarged roof blower XL
Enlarged projection on the horizontal vehicle surfaces for seamless transition into the effective area of the side fan

Swivelling roof blower
Efficient, fast and contour following drying, for an ideal drying angle of 30° in the tail area

SILENT-drying system
Low noise emissions for installation in urban areas or outdoors.

Large wheel washer XL
Enlarged wheel washer disc for optimum coverage of all vehicle classes.

VITESSE function
Shortened programme runtimes and higher throughput during peak periods. The high-pressure pre wash is carried out parallel to the cylinder wash

Large VISUS RGB display
Digital user-friendly operator guidance for simple and clear customer communication

OPTIFLEX lateral brush system
Optimum contour detection of the vehicle surfaces due to pneumatically controlled lateral brush system inclination.

Machine self-test
This automatic diagnostic programme checks all important machine functions directly after switching on.

For maximum system performance of the CADIS, the chemical work materials of the CHRIST CAR CARE are recommended.

FOAM REX Insect remover
RIM REX Rim chemistry
TWIN FOAM Active foam

All chemical products, as well as the articles in the Christ Xpress accessories catalogue, can be conveniently ordered via the Christ Online Shop. Quick delivery is a matter of course.

After installation Christ customers benefit from the comprehensive customer and chemical customer service.

The main factory in Benningen and the two service branches in Berlin and Düsseldorf always ensure maximum machine availability.

Another shining innovation from Christ!

More than CAR WASH!
Have fun at the car wash!


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