The international introduction of the new CADIS will be taking place at the EQUIP Auto event in Paris

on 15th October 2019: France is delighted with the sparkling one 

Something is happening in France

For us ‘Christ people’, France is one of the most important markets. 

After a successful few years, we would like to continue growing in France and increase our share of the market. Essentially, we are going to achieve this by means of intensive processing of other market areas, as well as in pushing ahead with washing and care product sales. In order to do this we have already restructured our French organisation, and will continue developing it in the coming months.

At this years' EQUIP AUTO, the leading car wash trade fair in Paris – our sales and service team has already made its mark.

Patrick König,
Frédéric Schmitt and Stefan Bernhard

The new CADIS roll over wash unit

The curtain was first raised on our new CADIS roll over wash unit in Germany at the Tankstelle & Mittelstand (petrol station and medium-sized business) trade fair in Münster at the beginning of May 2019.
CADIS, the sparkling one, stands out with numerous innovations which fulfil the special requirements of petrol stations, car wash centres and small maintenance operations.

The CADIS presents the new Christ design language, in two optional design lines with stripe or blade style elements which can be coordinated with customer requirements at any time by means of individual colour selection.
The Blade design line is supplied with coloured VISUS displays at both sides as standard for displaying the traffic light function and the wash program steps.

The compact outer dimensions and the maximum wash width and height are impressive. The bigger brush diameters of the roof and lateral brushes provide optimised immersion depths for an improved wash result. The diameter of the wheel wash brush has also been increased, and guarantees reliable coverage of the wheels that are being washed.

Vitesse program courses, i.e. realising active foam application, a high-pressure pre-wash and brush washes in one run are the guarantee of faster program execution times, which can be speeded up even more by using fly-in drying.

Attention has been paid to low emission values and harmonious frequencies in the design of the four-motor drying unit with a lateral drying height of 1750 mm and an horizontal blower which is 150 mm wider with an optional pneumatic swivel device. This means that the machine can also be installed in urban areas without problems.

The newly developed Touch POS operation terminal with 10” touch screen and modern user interface is also being presented to go with the machine.
The entire concept has been intensively examined and worked out in department-wide analysis and development meetings. The response from the market has shown us that we are hitting the nail on the head with our customers with the CADIS.

Julian Schreier


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