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We at the Busworld in Kortrijk, Belgium 2017

The Busworld trade fair began in 1971, and takes place in Belgium every other year, in the small town of Kortrijk, an hour west of Brussels. With more than 40 years of experience, it’s the oldest, best-known, and biggest omnibus exhibition in the world.

All the bus and omnibus manufacturers of note in the world, such as MAN Truck and Bus AG, Daimler Buses, SCANIA CV AB, and others, will be present at the trade fair and are thrilled about the huge crowd of fairgoers.

We ourselves were represented with a MAGNUM bus system, and were very pleased to see so many new and familiar visitors. The Busworld trade fair was a total success for us, as we were able to offer solutions for every need with our mechanics as leading innovators, from private bus service to huge public transport service, which has thousands of buses in use. Another guarantee of success was that we are positioned at the top internationally, and with about 60 offices worldwide, we can offer our products with the proper service. The trade fair can be described as a huge international “meet and greet.”

Unfortunately it means saying goodbye to town of Kortrijk, since the Busworld exhibition took place there last time. In October 2019, the Expo grounds in Brussels will greet large numbers of visitors to Busworld.

We look to the future, and are excited for Brussels 2019.


Mirco Völkl
Heavy-Duty Product Manager

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