BUBBLEGUN chemical range

For maximum fun when washing!


Christ Car Care has developed a new range of chemicals specially tailored to the new BUBBLEGUN foam gun. Thanks to the innovative foam gun equipment and the new chemical products, the BUBBLEGUN foam gun can be used in 3 washing programs "Foam pre-wash", "Foam polish" and "Foam wax". The BUBBLEGUN offers maximum fun when washing along with perfect washing results, and significantly improves income for car wash bay operators.


  • Excellent foam formation for maximum customer retention
  • Greater income thanks to 3 possible BUBBLEGUN programs
  • Up to 75% savings in operating costs for water, electrical power and chemicals
  • Also available as a retrofit package for older Christ wash bays

This fragrant foam was specially developed for the BUBBLEGUN foam pistol. It features a voluminous, adhesive foam action and impresses with high dirt dissolving power and sparing consumption. BUBBLEGUN FOAM guarantees car wash customers an intensive foam experience.


The BUBBLEGUN POLISH foam gloss polish is applied after a high-pressure wash with the BUBBLEGUN foam pistol and massaged into the paint with subsequent use of the Softwash brush. The innovative formulation gives the lacquer sparkle and has a water-repellent effect (“rain-repellent effect”).


The BUBBLEGUN WAX foam wax guarantees high-gloss sealing with a long-lasting water-repellent effect. When applied, it is optically visible and does not require hot water. It increases the attractiveness of the subsequent "Gloss rinse" program.


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