Bright prospects for self-service washing make for enthusiastic car wash customers

for a unique and intensive washing experience

A new product has been added to Christ’s wash bay chemicals range. Our new BUBBLEBRUSH 2 in 1 deep-shine shampoo combines two functions: Washing and polishing. During the washing process, the dirt removed is washed off with the washing brush. In addition, the BUBBLEBRUSH shampoo is massaged and polished into the car paint at the same time using the soft-wash brush. Thanks to the special paint care formula, the vehicle is given a cleaning and foaming deep-shine treatment.

As such, the vehicle is washed and polished simultaneously in a single work step. This not only guarantees an intensive, foaming washing experience, but also gives the vehicle a new, long-lasting sheen. The additional water-displacing effect speeds up the vehicle drying process after the “shine rinsing” program.

The fresh, fruity cherry scent that lingers after the BUBBLEBRUSH shampoo washing experience is the so-called cherry on the cake. Your car wash customers will be bowled over by the experience and will only wash their cars at your wash bay from that point on.

It makes sense to market the additional benefit that your customers will enjoy if they opt for BUBBLEBRUSH shampoo at the wash bay. Visually appealing advertising materials that promote immediate customer benefits are also available from Christ.


BUBBLEBRUSH shampoo is used undiluted in the system and

applied to the vehicle using the foam brush. The utmost efficiency is guaranteed: the fact that the average consumption of BUBBLEBRUSH shampoo is only 10 to 15 ml per minute of program runtime means that resources can be saved and your operating costs sustainably reduced.


Ulrich Schiedewitz / Head of Sales for Christ Car Care
Memmingen, 11/09/2020


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