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After several years of development work and thanks to sophisticated engineering, we are delighted to present a revolution in the vehicle washing sector. The AQUATUS PRIME.

The AQUATUS PRIME by Christ is our top-of-the-range rollover wash unit. Thanks to innovative scanning technology, programs can be set up with a degree of flexibility never seen before without making any compromises. From conventional brush washing to strictly touchless cleaning cycles, it’s all possible with our AQUATUS PRIME. Even the most complex washing cycles which combine both washing philosophies (touchless vs. brush washing) deliver a standard of washing performance never seen before. Our new development, Scan-X, detects the contours of vehicles with the utmost precision, allowing for extremely accurate washing cycles and the efficient use of a wide range of units. This means, for example, that even complicated vehicle shapes can be cleaned and dried to a higher standard. Furthermore, it is even possible to detect ski cases automatically using the Scan-X technology and to bypass them in an intelligent manner.

A high-end chemical application system is integrated into each and every model. By combining two success factors, we can guarantee that dirt will be loosened in an optimum manner. The first success factor is the contour-tracking application process which is based on the results of the Scan-X system and the side of the vehicle. The second factor is the multi-stage application of various chemical types (optional: up to four stages).

In accordance with the Christ philosophy, each and every vehicle washing cycle is followed by a comprehensive drying process. In comparison with its siblings, the AQUATUS PRIME is equipped with improved premium drying capability. Using 16 kW of power, the slewable drying unit and the high-performance side-drying feature ensure that vehicles are completely dry and customers are satisfied.

The AQUATUS PRIME has been developed specifically for customers who require car washes of the highest quality and are not willing to make compromises. The Prime is a hit in each and every segment of the market. From petrol stations to professional washing centres or even car dealerships, the performance of the AQUATUS PRIME will meet the highest expectations.

This is even the case in the demanding Norwegian car wash market. Be it snow, ice or other stubborn forms of dirt, there is nothing our new development cannot handle. Our customer Shell-7 Eleven in Moelv was one of the first to be won over by the AQUATUS PRIME. An AQUATUS PRIME has been producing optimum washing results and impressing customers at this site since September.

Simon Zettler - Area Sales Manager
Maricic, Marko - Internationaler Sales Director



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