Product Design 2023, Christ is back once again

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 


DESIGN or not

We are delighted to have been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2023 in the Product Design category once again.

Benningen, 20/04/2023

"Winning is the beginning"
We are delighted to have been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2023 in the Product Design category once again. 

Companies and design studios from all over the world have faced the expert judgement of the international Red Dot jury, who were required to evaluate a remarkable number of products. In an evaluation process lasting several days, submissions were examined in detail and assessed, among other things, on the basis of design quality and degree of innovation. Amid such a strong field of participants, Christ Wash Systems was able to assert itself once again, which is testament to its exceptional product quality and fantastic performance, according to Red Dot.

The Christ BLADE self service wash systems, including BLADE ORBIT self-service vacuum cleaner and mat cleaner accessories, combine a new design DNA with the most innovative technology. 

Products combining design with simple handling and user friendliness lead to higher returns for the operator and resulting growth as well as stronger customer loyalty and a consistent customer perception (current brand image). Clear product designs combined with simple operation and high-quality cleaning results ensure success, appear attractive and professional, and create a sense of desire.

Design and function in perfect harmony

Customers love design-oriented, appealing and easy-to-use products because they offer an enjoyable customer experience. A well-designed product is self-explanatory; it can better meet the needs and desires of customers by being easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and possibly even offering features that customers do not expect. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and customer retention, ultimately garnering a reputation and resulting in greater success for the company. 

The BLADE line in brief
In the BLADE line from Christ Wash Systems, extraordinary design meets innovative technology. 

With its generous dimensions, the BLADE wash park offers optimal conditions for conveniently cleaning small and large vehicles. The BLADE SOLAR extension gives the operator independence and saves costs by generating their own current. The translucent glass PV modules on the roof make the box look even bigger and brighter. 

With up to 4 different washing tools, a high program variety is ensured, allowing dirt to be removed with ease.

The BLADE and ORBIT self-service vacuum cleaners and the CAR-MAT mat cleaner complete the picture and secure additional business and high customer retention for operators while offering convenience and safety for wash customers. 

With the ORBIT option, the suction hose is comfortably guided over the ground and vehicle without touching the vehicle. The vacuum place is fully illuminated. 

The CAR-MAT cleans car mats effortlessly in a short time, while an LED runtime display lets you know how much time is left.

This makes the BLADE wash park, including the product family, the second Christ product to be awarded the coveted Red Dot Award for its design alongside the VEGA roll over wash unit. 

What makes end users prefer to wash their vehicles in a BLADE self-service wash systems from Christ?

Wash customers are offered a pleasant atmosphere in which they feel comfortable and enjoy spending time. A minimalist, attractive design helps 

customers to orient themselves in the wash box and therefore helps them to reach their final destination more quickly. The combination of glass and steel represent aesthetics and quality, while simultaneously creating a bright workroom that feels almost like an uncovered construction, conveying a sense of freedom. 

The optional PV modules also show the customer that they are in the right place. With a clear conscience, it is possible take advantage of optimal performance while giving a little back to nature at the same time. 

It's always about more than a clean vehicle. Lasting impressions. Feeling good. Anticipating the next visit.

Innovation is our passion
Otto Christ AG (Christ Wash Systems) has been one of the leading manufacturers of vehicle-washing systems in Europe since 1963. 

The Christ vehicle washer is a washing experience developed by people for people. We are inspired by the needs of our customers and end users. Every day, we ask ourselves how we can perfect vehicle washing. The result is a demand for maximum quality, tailored technical solutions, customer-friendly usability, sustainability and low energy consumption.

Thanks to a comprehensive and modern portfolio of roll over wash units, wash tunnels, self-service wash and vacuum systems, accessories and vehicle-washing chemicals, as well as truck/bus wash systems and special wash units for rail technology (tram and train wash systems), customers worldwide benefit from obtaining suitable solutions from a single source. With its high-end washing technology, Christ aims to make the washing business simple and profitable and turn vehicle washing into an experience for its customers.

Benningen, 15/05/2023

We want to inspire people to take their vehicles through our car wash systems.

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