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Tram & Train Wash Unit

Contact line wash concept

The train wash unit TRAIN WASH C7000 SOA can be designed as a stationary, semi-stationary or mobile wash for trains  and trams with pantographs (2 portal halves without traverse members).

The frame construction of the TRAIN WASH C7000 SOA
can be obtained in refined steel at a surcharge.

Even rounded front and rear surfaces can be
cleaned with the swivelling, split horizontal wash cylinders.

The side cylinders controlled by active-power measurement provide consistent and thorough wash resultsEven lightly corrugated side parties can be optimally cleaned as a result of the varied brush trimming lengths.

The swivelling, split horizontal wash cylinders (split roof cylinder) enable the vehicle wash to be carried out despite the pantograph being folded out.  Drying blowers can also be obtained for the train wash unit TRAIN WASH at a surcharge.

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