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Water recycling that makes sense

The Christ Quartz Gravel Filter Unit FONTIS-5, Christ's winning solution with a capacity of 5.000 ltr/h. 
This recycling unit is used for recycling waste water from vehicle washing.

Depending upon the connected incoming drainage stations and the thereby specified amount of pollutants, either the Christ Quartz-Gravel Filter Unit Fontis 5 in it’s basic model, which employees biological preparatory treatment steps or the extended model (basic model with coagulation equipment), which employees chemical preparatory treatment steps are installed (drainage structure).



Advantages of the building inspection approval:

The Fontis-5 - A cut above the rest:

- Impressive cost/performance ratio
- High cleaning power (5000 l/h)
- Space saving design
- Integrated water supply pump and built-in aeration system
- User-friendly SPC control
- General building inspection approval

Pointers to general building approval:

The German Institute for construction technique (DIBt) in Berlin has issued approval for the FONTIS in three installation sizes under the approval number Z-83.3-10.

The approval links official-legal building law demands with water laws.

This approval verifies the applicability of a waste water treatment unit, which eliminates any further testing from having to be carried out.

The FONTIS works as much as possible with a circulated guidance of drainage water incoming from the machine vehicle wash and fulfills the requirements of the drainage ordinance, Appendix 49.

Additionally, the values for hydrocarbons from 20 mg/l are also complied with.

The accumulated water excess is fed in the official drainage system.

The FONTIS treats waste water accumulating from the machine vehicle wash (car wash and under-chassis wash) from passenger vehicles and busses from roll-over wash units or also wash tunnels.

This device can also be used when using a high-pressure device for manual pre-cleaning.

Advantages of the building inspection approval:

- Simplified legal approval process for water with the
   water public authorities.

- In new developments, it enables omission of the
  coalescence separator, which thereby increases cost

- Secured operational flow through high quality
  manufacturer standards.