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DIY Multiple Wash Bays

Wash bay systems from Christ AG - The profitable investment possibility

Fifty percent of vehicle drivers still prefer washing their vehicles themselves.  However, ever increasing environmental awareness and sharpened regulations have put an end to washing at home with a running hose pipe and without proper drainage.  This in turn allows for potential wash increase for the wash bay operator.

The modernly designed steel construction is made from robust galvanized steel and is designed for diverse snow loads.
The modular construction of the Christ DIY wash bay technology guarantees free design possibility in regards to size and equipment.

This operator friendly, self-explanatory and low-maintenance DIY Wash Park System conception from CHRIST AG is loads of fun for you and your customers!

Innovative GREEN-LINE wash bay technology – less water, electricity and chemical consumption!

XXL-foam makes washing fun - can also be obtained for the wash bay system SKYWING!

XXL-Schaum is effectively applied to the vehicle with a foam spray lance.  The dried on dirt is professionally soaked down and loosened.

By investing in the Christ XXL-foam spray device, the operator has the extra opportunity to increase the average wash price.


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