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DIY Wash Park System - individual and attractive

The profitable investment possibility

Every 5th vehicle driver still washes his vehicle "at home".  Increased environmental awareness and sharpened regulations will eventually put an end to home washing.  This increases the wash potential for the wash bay operator

The steel construction of the Wash Park System SKYLINE

The new Wash Park steel construction SKYLINE is the right selection for every operation site.  The attractive functional construction offers the end customer a useable wash bay width of 5,100 mm and a serial passage height of 3.200 mm.

- Modular construction guarantees free design possibility in regards to the size and equipment.

- Modern and attractive steel consruction made from sturdy galvanized steel, designed with support bracket supports made from powder-coated aluminium

- Designed as flat roof variant with profiled sheeting or as light-transmissive round roof variant

- Bay separation walls in three variants - for a special and friendly visual appearance made from smokey grey toned thermally toughend safety glass (ESG).  Alternatively in tarpaulin design or with sandwich elements.

In combination with the high-performance and energy-sying wash park technology from Christ AG, the SKYLINE becomes an operation cost-optimized total system, which offers full customer advantages.  The operator-friendly, self-explanatory, as well as, low-maintenance conception of the DIY Wash Park technique from Christ is fun for you and for your customers!

Innovative GREEN-LINE Wash Bay Technology

- Less water, electricity and chemical consumption and perfect wash results

The fascia - visual highlight for the Wash Park System SKYLINE

The modern and attractive fascia design with LED lighting gives your SKYLINE Wash Park an attractive look and increases the attractiveness of your Wash Park operation site.

The fascia design is an absolute eye-catcher especially at dawn and dusk.

Through the long-distance effect of the integrated LED light strips, the SKYLINE has a special advertising affect on wash bay users


Energy-saving concept through innovative LED technology


- LED = Long burning duration, smooth light, low-maintenance


- Up to 70 % power savings through the new LED fascia in comparison to lighting systems with fluorescent tubes


- Up to 50 % power savings with LED light spotlight for bay lighting in comparison to lighting system with fluorescent tubes

Washing is fun with XXL foam – also available for the Wash Park System SKYLINE!

XXL-Foam is effectively applied with a specially designed foam spray lance.  The dried on dirt is professionally softened and released.  Through the application of the separate and special foam spray lance, perfect foam spreading is created and chemical consumption is minimized.


The investment in the CHRIST-XXL-Foam spray device offers the wash customer added value and the operator the chance to achieve an increased average wash price.

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