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The Compact DIY Wash Bay Variant

The DIY Wash Park alternative for any location. Compact design and attractive price.

Current market trends show that wash customers are increasingly visiting combined wash centres. The combination of a machine wash unit (wash tunnel or portal wash unit) with a self-service wash bay, not only appeals to end customers with specific wash preferences but is also increasingly frequented by customers who adapt their car wash habits according to the season (in warm months self-service wash, in cold months automatic wash).

THE DIY Wash Park System COMPACT at a glance:

- Fully-fledged DIY Wash Park also without steel construction - compact and modular

- Perfect supplementary product for wash tunnel or roll-over wash units

- For rounding off a complementary service offer for installation sites with remaining areas on properties (e.g. car dealerships, tire dealers)

Expand your service spectrum, offer your customers an additional service and win new clientel.

You can decide, whether the Wash Park System COMPACT should be designed as a free-standing construction without roof, or combined with the Christ steel construction for mounting as DIY box system.

Due to the integrated frost protection water circulation guidance in the container, the costs for laying the foundation are considerably reduced.  This makes retrofitting easier on already existing foundations.

Integration in existing steel constructions.

Through its special cabinet construction, the COMPACT container can be combined with more than just the Christ steel construction, it can also be integrated in most standard wash park steel constructions from other manufacturers found in the market.

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