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More value for your wash center

Treat your wash park to a facelift - a fresh design for your wash park means more success for you.

Self-service wash systems are often technically modernised but the design i.e. optical appearance of the installation typically remains the same. As the demands of customers continue to grow and the pressure from competitors, it's become even more important to car wash operators to optimally position themselves in the car wash market i.e. do-it-yourself wash market.

From old .....

The visual appearance is the first impression for potential wash customers.  This is a decisive factor for customers in deciding whether to enter the wash bay or not.

Aside from the technical modernisation of self-service wash bays from various manufacturers, Christ also offers the possibility of optically modernising do-it-yourself wash bays (giving the unit a professional facelift), as the optical appearance makes the first impression on potential wash customers.

.... to NEW!!!!

The plastic panelling can be delivered in a large array of colours and in connection with the aluminium profile makes a modern, up-to-date impression.

The advantages of an optical renovation:

• A new and attractive optical apperance increases customer trust in the wash
   equipment and technique.
• An eye-catching optical appearance can be marketed better.
• The new wash park fascia can also be illuminated.
• More profits thanks to better optical appearances.

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