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3-Brush Truck & Bus Wash Unit

Durable and economical!

Just the right solution for any truck fleet.

The truck wash unit TAURUS is a self-propelled, fully automatic controlled wash unit with double side brush bearings.  This unit is especially designed for durability thanks to its robustly welded and completely galavanized steel portal.  Control of the roof and side brushes succeeds electronically and thereby controls the applied brush pressure for an especially gentle wash.

Included in the TAURUS:

The logically designed machine construction and the worldwide proven drive devices, as well as, the exceptional manufacturing knowledge and experience put into the development of Christ products are central components of this wash unit's design.
The basic equipment included in this wash unit include rolled, full profile travelling tracks according to hall length, as well as, a service terminal with clear text display for program selection. Frequency controlled drive gear motors guarantee jolt free and therefore low-wear unit operation.

Fully electronic for control and service

The TAURUS can be upgraded with smart additional machine accessories thanks to the modular design (wheel guiding tubes, side cylinders and roof cylinder splash protection, high-pressure device, etc.).

Side cylinders on double bearings (upper and lower) and guided over centre crossing jointed arms.

Interspace washing with the wash program "Truck with trailer". A safety function prevents the wash cylinders from coming into contact with the drawbar and coupler.

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