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HP-Wash Devices


Oscillating special high-pressure

The perfect complement for every wash unit, for washing vehicles with special forms such as silo vehicles and other special-purpose vehicles.

The high-pressure arch JETSTREAM is also designed for pre-cleaning heavily soiled vehicles, e.g. construction site and waste disposal vehicles.

Four electro-motoric oscillating high-pressure jet devices powerfully spray vehicles during the wash sequence.  Each side of the wash unit is equipped with high-pressure point-of-spray jets spraying in opposite directions.

The front- and rear wash is carried out by an integrated pivotting device for the high-pressure jet devices.

Manual pre-cleaning work carried out by the pre-wash personnel is considerably reduced with the JETSTREAM.

The high-pressure pre-wash with JETSTREAM as an additional wash program can be directly advertised and sold in truck commercial wash centers, in order to increase wash numbers and the average wash price.

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