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Stationary Bus Wash Unit

Drive-through wash for busses in no time.

The logically conceived asymmetrical arrangement of the wash brushes takes this trend into account while equally achieving superb wash results.  Vehicles are washed without interruption also serving to reduce operation costs to a minimum.  This is especially valuable when washing in shift operation.  The stationary bus wash unit can alternatively be obtained in corrosion resistant refined steel, known as the ECOBUS DURA.

The time principle: "Time saving through asymmetrical brush arrangement"

The side brushes also move over the centre line through the asymmetrical layout of the wash brushes.  The front, rear and side surfaces are efficiently washed.
Wash shadows are eliminated on the front and back. The side brushes are positioned in double bearings in the swivelling arms.

Depending on the type of bus, a front wash arm can be additionally built on in the extended design (front washer for busses with singled sided outer mirror).

Devices for the underbody wash and for the high-pressure side wash can be additionally obtained.

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