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Wash tunnel facelifting

More value for your wash center

Treat your wash system to a face lift because fresh optics bring more success.

It unfortunately happens quite often that wash tunnel technology is modernized but the visual appearance of the wash tunnel is completely neglected.  In times of ever increasing competition, it is of growing importance that car wash operators optimally position themselves in the car wash market because customers' demands continue to grow.

From old ..... ..... to NEW !!!!

The visual appearance of your unit makes the first impression on potential wash customers and therefore is generally the reason whether the customer drives into your wash tunnel or not.

From old ..... ..... to NEW !!!

Christ carries out technical modernisations on wash tunnels of all different brands and is also able to modernise your unit's optics - in other words a professional facelift for your wash tunnel.

From old ..... ..... to NEW !!!

The advantages of an exterior facelifting:

- New, attractive optics increase customer trust in the technique.
- Attractive optics are effective in advertising.
- Improved visual appearances generate more profits.

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