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42° Hot Carwash 2009 is back

Christian Holzknecht shoots the Carwash girls for Christ this year in sunny California

Hot Carwash 2009 made by Christ

PDF-Download Hot Carwash Kalender 2009

Following a one year break, it was clear that it was time for a hot car wash again.  The Hot Car Wash Calendar is one of the most sought-after calendars in the branch.

This year's Calendar motto is "Splish, Splash".  The perfect motto for photo shootings in sunny California.  The photographer, Christian Holzknecht, lives and works in Los Angeles - just the right background for the Rock`n Roll style artwork created especially for Christ's Hot Car Wash Calendar 2009. 

His flashy style of portraying people has risen the eyebrows of media majors such as the German Playboy for whom he is currently working on a photo shooting.  Not to mention the several lifestyle magazines:  GQ, Maxim and Playboy, as well as, diverse TV formats such as Pro7, Sat1, RTL and VOX who are avid appreciators of his artwork. 

What began as a gift for business clientele has become a cult object.  Each new Hot Car Wash Calendar edition is handled as a much sought-after collector's item.  This not for sale calendar is bestowed to customers, company associates and friends.  An additional 2000 calendars are available in Auto Jet wash tunnels (Germanywide) and can be obtained in a promotional activity by purchasing a 10er wash card.  There is a total limited edition of 7.000 calendars.

Photographer:  Christian Holzknecht

Production: Otto Christ AG, Memmingen

Memmingen, 20.08.2008

Picture signature:
Christian Holzknecht shoots the Carwash girls for Christ this year in sunny California.  The Hot Car Wash Calendar is a one-of-a-kind in the branch and a must-have collector's object.  The limited published calendar is bestowed exclusively to Christ customers, dealers, company associates and friends.

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