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Hot Car Wash 2011

Erotic and technique in harmony - suspense at its peak! Photographed by Dieter Weidlich

Hot Carwash 2011

Christ decided to go a completely new direction with their Hot Carwash Calendar 2011.
Erotic, yes but in narrative form.  Like an excerpt from a movie or better yet, a shortfilm combined with innovative modern Christ wash technique.

The photographer, Dieter Weidlich, proved to be the ideal man for this job.  His keenly ornate flair for modern photography and sensuality of the female body combined with his sharp technical grasp of future wash technique were the perfect launching pad for depicting such diverse components not yet revealed in this style.  An adventurous trip, in which each model is portrayed in a different light.  Sometimes cooler and then suddenly in a mysteriously alluring way - the result is stunning.

The Team: photographer, models, stylists, assistants and Waterworlds wash tunnel owner, Necip Yilmaz, didn't have the easiest conditions to master, considering that the wash unit had to almost always be in action for the photoshootings.  Water, wetness and other climatic conditions provoked the reliability of the finely tuned photo electronics to the maximum and thus some models had to retort a cold water splash here and there with a shield of positive energy.  Even the precisely calculated positioning of the extremly luxurious vehicles was quite a challenge.Man and material on limit.  The endeavours and extreme challenges were worth the while and accounted for something truly extraordinary - a superlative calendar - a calendar for an upcoming year full of gorgeous and successful carwash days.

What began as a gift for business clientele has become a cult object.  Each new Hot Carwash Calendar edition is handled as a much sought-after collector's item.  This not for sale calendar is bestowed to customers, company associates and company friends.An additional 2000 calendars are available in Auto Jet wash tunnels (Germanywide) and can be obtained in a promotional activity by purchasing a 10er wash card.  There is a total limited edition of 6.000 calendars.

Photography:     Dieter Weidlich
Production:    Otto Christ AG, Memmingen
Memmingen, 02.08.2010

Picture subtitles:
The new Christ Hot Carwash Calendar 2011 is here! See for yourself - erotic and technique in harmony - combustive suspense.
The HOT CARWASH 2011 photoshooting took place at Waterworld in Aschaffenburg, owned and operated by Necip Yilmaz.  Photography by Dieter Weidlich pictures.

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