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Christ washes with unrivalled wheel wash unit

Innovation wheel wash unit from Christ AG
The new wheel wash unit designed for operation in roll-over wash units

The cleaning result of the wheels and rims is directly influenced by the technology employed in the wheel wash system.

Christ's standard wheel wash unit in all of their roll-over wash units whether in the basic, classic or premium segment employs linear technology.

All guide conduct is made from high-value refined steel. The wheel wash disk is driven in and out over a pneumatic cylinder designed in aluminium material. The wheel wash disk standard has a diameter of 400 mm. This guarantees optimal coverage of all vehicle rims up to 21 inches. Internal irrigation of the wheel wash disk ensures that the washed off dirt is rinsed out.

Wheel identification succeeds over the light barrier device connected to the unit control.

A speciality of this innovative Christ wheel wash system is the pulsating movement of the brush disk upon contacting the wheel. During the pulsation intervals, the brush hairs are able to straighten out and in doing so can better reach into the rim's recessions.  The rotation direction change serves to wash the rims in both directions and to guarantee that no wash shadows remain behind.

This standard wheel wash system can be upgraded by a high-pressure wheel and side wash.  This upgrade component consists of a high-pressure jet integrated in the wheel wash disk. The jet position is allocated so that the high-pressure beam reaches an optimum coverage of the wheel rim. The washed off dirt from the wheel wash brush is additionally rinsed off by a powerful 85 bar water beam.

A real innovation of the high-pressure upgrade is the capability of the wheel wash disk to clap in during the side drive-by in the basic position. The high-pressure jet remains switched on in the frame of the vehicle pre-wash and washes the vehicle flank rotating from the lower rocker panel forward up to the height of the trim strip.  This is only achieved by the wheel wash system from Christ AG!

With this innovation, you no longer need an additional rigid side high-pressure system with jets for better side coverage.

A high-pressure piston pump works to supply this upgrade component, distinguished by its powerful working pressure of 85 bar while consuming even less water (23 l/min.) in comparison to middle-pressure technique working at 16 bar and consuming up to 100 l/min.

If you have high demands on the performance of a wheel wash unit, then you should also consider employing a rim spraying device.

This chemical pre-treatment step is completely integrated in the roll-over wash unit.

The roll-over wash unit's dosing system is upgraded by an additional medium agent container and a dosing pump.  Two special jets are built in the side of each portal foot and spray the rim cleaning product before the actual wheel wash on the rims.

This special chemical agent serves to optimally loosen the dirt.  This enables the wheel wash brush and the high-pressure water beam to easily remove the pre-loosened dirt.


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