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VARIUS SEQUENCE - The capacity wonder

Innovative double roll-over wash unit from our premium segment
VARIUS Sequence - The new high-performance roll-over wash unit from Christ AG


Designed for all wash operations with a wash performance of 2.000 to 4.000 washes per month.

The Highlights:
• Wash performance of 2.000 to 4.000 washes per month
• Galvanized and painted stainless steel frame made from 6 mm sheet steel
• Passage width 2.400 mm in mirror area
• Free colour selection according to Christ AG's current colour palette
• Attractive unit panelling
• Swivelling roof blower contained in basic model
• Front access

Queue times are redeuced and profits are increased by this double portal system.  The Christ VARIUS SEQUENCE can be built in halls with lengths of 16 meters.  This opens new perspectives for highly frequented operation sites.


By means of the double portal system, one vehicle can be washed and a further vehicle can be dried at the same time.  A quick wash and dry sequence is ensured by the integrated automatic start device.  The rapid action door separates the washing area from the drying area.

The maximum passage width in the side mirror area is approx. 2.400 mm and is especially suited for the new SUV and VAN vehicle forms.  The graduated passage heights of 2.100, 2.300, 2.450, 2.550 and 2.650 mm guarantee that each wash height is covered through the compact unit construction.

Free colour selection for unit panelling and wash material enables each wash operator to individually and attractively design their unit for an attention-grabbing market appearance.  The backside of the unit is also completely cladded with panelling.  All unit components run gently and in doing so win the user's trust in the installed unit technology.

The strong portal frame is made from 6 mm sheet steel, is galvanized and provided with a special top coat paint.  Components are made from high-quality material such as stainless steel and aluminium alloys and therefore ensure their invested value is maintained for many years.  Top unit performance and options such as an active foam pre-wash, wax sealing and a high-pressure pre-wash secure a high average wash price for fast return on your investment.

The latest wash materials from the newest wash material generations SENSOTEX+ and SENSOFIL+ are gentle on the vehicle's paint surface and clean perfectly, advantages that your customers value!  Christ AG's jointed brush device is actively perceived by the wash customer and pre-convinces your customers of the exceptional wash results expected.

The swivelling roof drying system is not just visually persuasive but also technically persuasive.  Vehicle contour scanning succeeds via a light barrier.  This is the only possible way to ensure that a minimum distance is maintained between the dryer and the vehicle.  The complete drying device made from aluminium pivots on the vehicle's front and rear at 30°. In this way, the air stream is guided onto the vehicle without any performance loss.

Side drying is supported by two additional blowers up to a height of 1,70 mtr. for a fast drying cycle.

This unit model fulfils the future demands of the VDA-sealing.

Another innovation from Christ AG, which gives you the possibility to successfully set your wash business apart from others in a highly competitive market.


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