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VARIUS 1+1 - Two for more performance

Innovative double roll-over wash unit from our premium segment

Designed for all wash operations with a wash performance of 1.200 to 2.500 washes per month.
The new unit model offers increased wash capacity for halls with a total length of 11 mtr.
Increased wash capacity for a profit-winning wash business!

The highlights:
• Wash performance 1.200 to 2.500 washes per month.
• Galvanized and painted steel frame made from 6 mm sheet steel.
• Passage width 2.400 mm in mirror area.
• Free colour selection acc. to Christ colour palette.
• Attractive unit panelling.
• Pivotting roof blower included in basic model
• Accessibility from the front of the unit.

The new high-performance roll-over wash unit VARIUS 1+1

Extensive accessory possibilities increase the amount of program variants possible and enable a profit-winning additional business.

The high-pressure pre-wash device in the drying portal has been newly conceived.  This device has a fixed jet system that oscillates and in doing so pre-washes the vehicle's sides and roof surfaces.  During the same procedure, the entire vehicle surface is covered with active foam via the newly developed foam application system allocated on the back side of the drying portal.  Fewer portal overruns with equal wash quality for increased wash performance!

The powerful roof blower and side blowers must only carry out one drying cycle. That saves valuable time!

The maximum passage width around the mirrors is 2.400 mm and is especially designed for the new SUV and VAN vehicle forms.  The graduated passage heights of 2.100, 2.300, 2.450, 2.550 and 2.650 mm guarantee that each vehicle wash height is covered by the compact unit construction.

Free colour selection of the unit's panelling (front and rear) and the wash materal from Christ AG's extensive colour palette enables the unit to be given it's own individual design for an attention-grabbing market appearance.  All components run gently and thus establish the required consumer trust in the installed unit technology.

The sturdy roll-over framework made from 6 mm sheet steel is galvanized and provided with a special finish paint coating.  Unit components are made from valuable materials such as stainless steel and aluminium alloys and therefore secure the investment value for many years.  Unit performance and options such as active foam pre-wash secure a high average wash price and in this way provide for quick profitability of the investment.

Our newest generations of wash materials, SENSOTEX+ and SENSOFIL+ are gentle on the vehicle's paint surfaces and clean effectively - your wash customer values that!  The Christ jointed brush device is actively perceived by the wash customer and guarantees your customers the excellent wash results they are expecting.

The pivotting roof blower doesn't just look good, it's technically convincing as well.  Contour scanning works via light barriers in order to enable a minimum distance to the vehicle to be kept. The complete drying device made from aluminium is pivotted motorically on the front and rear at 30°.  In this way, the air stream is guided on the vehicle without loss of power.

Side drying is supported by two additional blowers up to a height of 1,70 mtr. for a quick drying cycle.

This unit model fulfils the future requirements for receiving the official seals of the Association of the German Automotive Industry.


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