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Upon developing the new Christ operation terminal for roll-over wash units, the following requirements were put into practice:
Simple, safe and attractive communication with the wash customerShortened service times and therefore increased maximum wash capacityUpgrading and adaptability of the visual perception of the operation terminalHigher customer acceptance through modern touch operation surface


The attractive housing of the new VARIO TOUCH-S is made from aluminium profiles that are completely overlaid with special adhesive films.  In addition to the attractive standard design in machine color, individual designs according to customer preference can also be created.  This enables the implementation of detailed color and brand requirements.  It has never been easier to integrate petrol station or wash center brand optics in the operation terminal.

The VARIO TOUCH-S is available for wall installation in hanging format or for free-standing installation with a column and display height of 1.100 mm or optionally 1.400 mm.  Variable construction height enables the VARIO TOUCH-S to be operated from a seated position (from the vehicle e.g. in takt units, drive-in concepts) or in standing.  Comfortable operation is always guaranteed.

The touch display is built-in the housing slanted backwards for ergonomical purposes. This enables natural hand operation from the vehicle, whether in a lower passenger vehicle or a higher van or SUV.

Recessed dipslay installation ensures that the indication display can always be well read despite direct sunlight.  The touch monitor is designed to meet the special requirements that come with outside employment.  The high brightness of the display is designed for operation in daylight.  In winter operation, the touch surface can also be operated with gloves on.  And rain water on the operation surface has no affect on the device's functionability.

For servicing, all built-in components can be comfortably driven out in the front via the integrated drawer system.  Despite the very compact construction design, all components should be capable of being easily accessed.
The VARIO TOUCH-S can be easily cleaned thanks to smooth, closed surfaces.

Operation surface

Unit operation procedures were closely examined upon development of the device software.  The guided customer dialogue makes additional machine operation pointer signs unnecessary.
The graphical operation surface displays all information in large format and with an optimum contrast ratio, which is especially important due to shifting demographics and higher aged wash customer segments. The display can even be easily read by wash customers with impaired vision.

The following information is displayed on the VARIO TOUCH-S in customer dialogue:

-    Language selection (e.g. German / English)
-    Safety pointers
-    Drive-in pointers
-    Wash information for vehicle preparation
-    Wash program with wash program content
-    Wash program steps
-    Wash program duration / remaining wash time
-    Customer departure

An attractive presentation is ensured by the animated information display.  This increases attention and attractiveness.  Only the necessary information for the respective step is displayed in the customer dialogue.  This ensures simple and self-explanatory operation.  Customer acceptance of the roll-over wash unit is increased by easily understandable operation!

The operation terminal VARIO TOUCH-S can be additionally upgraded with further functions for DIY operation.  Modular construction allows for options to be selected either jointly or separately.

Audio module
This additional component enables the operation terminal VARIO TOUCH-S to give information in graphical and acoustic format.  In this way, the information is better accepted by the wash customer.  Especially customers with impaired vision are better able to follow and understand instructions and information.  The pleasant voice can be individually adjusted via the volume setting in the device settings.

Barcode scanner

The newly developed barcode scanner impresses with a large scanning range.  The wash receipt with barcode is dependably and quickly recognized by the scanner.  With this option, the release code on the wash ticket is automatically scanned and is transferred to the machine control.  Manual number input via the number keyboard on the touch monitor is therefore no longer required.  This option requires a C-CAT ticket system in the cashier's office.  The C-CAT takes over complete ticket management.  The model with data cable from the plant-room container to the machine control offers the most features.

Transponder card reader

The operation terminal can also be equipped with a transponder card reader as a further DIY system.  The VARIO TOUCH-S in this version is equipped with an additional drawer for the transponder card reader.  The sturdy device has an automatic card compartment that electronically opens when inputting the operator card.  The sophisticated mechanic ensures that all transponer cards are collected in the removable container.  No key is necessary for card removal, which means that the operator personnel no longer comes in contact with the sensitive electronic building components.

The transponder cards are printed in correlation to the selected machine color.  The card design is modern, fresh and appealing.  Value cards, as well as, single and multiple cards are available.  The Happy-Hour-Function is available as before.
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S. Schwarzer
Memmingen, 26.10.2012

Operation terminal VARIO TOUCH:
• Foil overlay can be precisely adjusted to match the station's image
• Aluminum housing is completely corrosion resistant
• Touch monitor is designed for employment in daylight (optimum readability despite direct sunlight)
• Modern, attractive optics, narrow construction design
• Touch monitor with graphical user surface
• Indication of safety pointers in operation procedure. No additional signage on wash hall required
• Optionally with audio module.  Safety pointers are additionally reproduced in the selected language
• Optionally with transponder card reader and electronic access drawer
• Variable construction design for wall and floor installation

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Memmingen, 28.08.2012
S. Schwarzer


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For further information, please contact us at:
Otto Christ AG
P.O. Box 12 54
D-87682 Memmingen
Telephone 0 83 31/857-100
Telefax 0 83 31/857-185
E-Mail: verkauf(at)
E-Mail: export(at)


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