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SIRIUS – We set the standards!

Drying with just 2 blower motors – Other manufacturers have to now measure up to that!

Otto Christ AG, the innovation leader, presents their current basic segment model:  the newly designed roll-over wash unit SIRIUS. This machine already fulfils the wash demands of tomorrow.

The newest developmental stage of the SIRIUS, includes technical revisions of the to date successful unit model, as well as, future technological demands in the roll-over wash unit segment.

A special drying concept with two blowing motors integrated in the frame construction of the GENIUS was developed for the SIRIUS.  This unit standard includes two 5,5 kW blower motors, which supply the roof blower and both side blowers.

This one-off two-motor machine concept was able to extremely increase energy efficiency – low operation costs guaranteed!  Even without having to make any deductions/trade-offs in the drying speed, drying quality or in the drying height.  The contour-following roof blower is complemented by two side blowers (drying height of 1.700 mm).  Air distribution succeeds via two air canals built in the portal frame.

The roll-over wash unit can be employed for operation sites with 300 to 1.200 washes per month thanks to the increased drying speed – more capacity in amazing times!

All fundamental components are made from stainless steel, plastic or aluminum alloys.  The portal frame consists of a welded frame construction, which is galvanized and refined in a duplex powder coating technique.  Finest quality for a long machine life.

The SIRIUS is designed and manufactured with complete front and rear paneling made from a special plastic.  In comparison to paneling made from sheet steel, this machine paneling is totally corrosion-resistant!  This guarantees eye-catching machine presentation for the entire operation duration.

Wheel wash results are, aside from washing and drying results, of utmost importance.  The most modern wheel washing system with wheel wash brushes for rims up to 21” are installed in the SIRIUS.

The wheel wash system and side cylinder guidance rails are completely designed in stainless steel and aluminum – quality for a long machine life!  The side cylinder system OptiFlex, as well as, the dry-running protection are included in the SIRIUS basic model.  The vehicle wash is carried out thoroughly, gently and safely on all vehicle forms.

The SIRIUS fulfils the requirements of a VDA-seal of approval with a maximum passage width of 2.400 mm in the mirror area, a vehicle lane width of  2.050 mm.

Machine technique can be comfortably reached behind the access doors.  Chemical refilling can be easily carried out even in narrow halls.

The employed dosing pumps are also uniquely designed with a lifting and frequency setting.  Chemicals can be dosed much more precisely than with dosing pumps that only operate with a frequency setting.  This enables the new wash unit to carry the seal „GREENLINE“ for high efficiency, resources and environmental protection.

The SIRIUS can also be equipped with the gentle wash material SENSOFIL+.

Further equipment such as: high-pressure (85 bar) or middle-pressure pre-wash (16 bar), active foam pre-wash, foam wax sealing, travelling tracks in stainless steel, under-chassis washer, service terminal with card or pin-code or the new type of LED-positioning light can be optionally selected.

Accessory equipment, as well as, the machine optics can be individually adapted.  A wide array of colors are available for the plastic paneling and wash material.

Illuminated wheel guiding tubes with LED-running lights in the aluminum profile are available as an alternative to the proven wheel guiding tubes.  Indication color can be individually selected through the modern RGB-technology.  Wheel guiding tubes support straight entrance into the wash hall.  The running light function and eye-catching animations awaken wash customers driving in and direct them on-target in front of the wash unit.

The SIRIUS can now be equipped with a modern LED-pictogram display in the head paneling for DIY-operation at e.g. petrol stations.  Four illuminated fields inform the wash customer of the program selection and the program status during the vehicle wash.

Implementation of logos and advertising messages through special laminated foils and overlays is possible at Christ, as has been for the past 20 years.

The SIRIUS can be connected with minimum effort to Otto Christ AG’s first-level-support-system via the integrated internet interface. This is especially of interest to operators of multiple machines, chains and corporations.  The entire machine management succeeds online.

The SIRIUS is recommended for wash operations that are focused on offering a high-quality vehicle wash and this with a product from Christ „Made in Germany“!

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