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The new Christ top model of the roll-over wash units

The new PRIMUS

This model fulfils future VDA seal requirements.

A success story continues on.  The forerunner roll-over wash unit model PRIMUS C150 will be replaced as of 01.09.2010 by the succeeding PRIMUS² C169 generation.

The newest developmental stage of the PRIMUS incorporates technical revisions of the to date successful unit model, as well as, future technological demands on the roll-over wash unit segment.

Future market requirements of automobile maufacturers, asssociations and customers have been analyzed and incorporated in the construction of the new roll-over wash unit.  Already proven and tested technologies of the sister machine GENIUS have also been reverted to, adapted in reference to future requirements and implemented in the new PRIMUS².

The portal frame is based upon the roll-over wash unit GENIUS, which has been available for over 4 years.  Pivotting side blowers are integrated in the completely newly designed portal foot and dry vehicle sides up to 1.600 mm in height.  This blower system can be motorically guided on each side of the vehicle 300 mm away from the vehicle's surface.

Close-up drying made it possible to reduce motor performance from 4 kW to 3 kW.

An absolute highlight is the side blower extension OPTIVAN.  The standard pivoting side blowers can be additionally upgraded with two VAN blowers.  Vehicle side surfaces can be completely dried in a machine passage height of 2.800 mm up to a height of 2.600 mm.  This blower automatically switches on at vehicle heights > 1.600 mm.

The percentage of SUV`s, VAN`s and light trucks continue to grow.  This customer group will continue to become of more importance to wash unit operators in the years to come.

The roof blower works with the OptiAir system, which enables the pivotting angle of the roof blower to reach a 170° angle.  Sensitive areas on the vehicle's front and rear are dried even more effectively.

A special highlight is the newly developed vehicle class identification from Christ AG.  The respective vehicle form is detected via the roof cylinder during the wash sequence. The roof blower box pivots in according to the specific vehicle profile.  This improves drying results as the specific design highlights of that particular vehicle class are accounted for during the drying sequence.

Machines control gear is accessible via the access doors from the rear of the unit.  This allows for chemical filling to be easily performed - even in narrow bays.

All vital machine components are made from stainless steel, plastic or aluminum alloys.  The portal frame consists of a welded frame construction that is galvanized and refined with a powder coating technique.  Optimum quality for long machine life.

Wheel wash results, in addition to the washing and drying results, are of utmost importance.  Therefore, the most advanced wheel wash system with wheel wash brushes capable of cleaning rims up to 21“ is installed in the PRIMUS.

The standard dosing system is equipped with a level monitor.  This ensures that each vehicle wash is optimally carried out and the unit operator does not have to continuously monitor the fill level of the operation supply items.  This system assumes intelligent machine control.

The PRIMUS standard equipment package also includes dry-running protection.  This guarantees safe unit operation.

The standard side cylinder system OptiFlex guarantees best wash results for all vehicle forms.  All vehicle areas are thoroughly cleaned in 2 wash overruns by the pneumatically controlled side cylinder slanted position.  The Christ patented jointed brush device is also available for this model - for operators that require an even higher wash performance.  Even more gentleness on vehicle surfaces with improved wash results. Approximately 90% of Christ customers choose the jointed brush device.

The roof cylinder system OPTI5+ covers more wash height.  Through the new type of roof cylinder system with synchronizer shaft, the wash height has been increased by 5 cm without changing the entire height of the wash unit.  A larger spectrum of higher vehicles especially for operation sites with a lower hall structure can be attended to.

This machine fulfils the requirements of a VDA-seal of approval with a maximum passage width of 2.400 mm in the mirror area, a vehicle lane width of  2.050 mm in the area of the wheel guiding tubes and the high-pressure pre-wash systems.

The employed dosing pumps are also uniquely designed with a lifting and frequency setting.  Chemicals can be dosed much more precisely than with dosing pumps that only operate with a frequency setting.  This enables the new wash unit to carry the seal „GREENLINE“ for high efficiency, resources and environmental protection.

The latest machine control is equipped with a frequency converter for lifting and traction drives.  Harmonious, smooth machine running promotes customer trust.  The PRIMUS can be connected with minimum effort to Otto Christ AG’s first-level-support-system via the integrated internet interface.

The new touch control service terminal is attractively designed.  The modern touch service panel is especially designed for operation outdoors.  The service panel has been designed with clear instructions for the operator for best possible end user acceptance.

Clear lines and high plastic paneling gloss impressively underline the upscale character of the PRIMUS².

Investors can select the machine’s paneling and wash material according to their own individual color wishes.  Implementation of company corporate identities has been a standard at Christ for decades.

Wash time information, wash program status and operator instructions can be effectively conveyed to the end user via the optional SMD-running program display.  This display is even more flexible than static displays with pictograms.

The extensive standard equipment selection includes, e.g.: active foam pre-wash, wax or special wax sealing, rim spray device, high-pressure pre-wash, under-chassis wash, etc..

Additionally, the oscillating high-pressure pre-wash system, available now for over 2 years, is also available for the PRIMUS².

PRIMUS² is recommendable for unit operators with a monthly wash performance of 600 – 1.400 and is perfect for wash operations that are focused on offering premium vehicle drying performance on SUVs, transporters und VANs.

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