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The PRIMUS 1+1+1

The new textile cylinder dryer for a PLUS in drying results
Innovation made by Christ - the PRIMUS 1+1+1

End users measure the quality of an automatic vehicle wash by two main factors. One being the wash results with respect to the wash being gentle on the vehicle and the second being the quality of the drying.

Until now, vehicle drying was carried out in the roll-over wash unit by two side blowers and a roof blower.  This method of drying the vehicle results in good drying results; although, should any water droplets remain on the vehicle's surface, they dry up and negatively influence the drying results.

Focus has been placed on perfect drying results especially in regards to wash tunnels.  Textile drying elements in the form of circular textile dryers, carousels or cylinder dryers are commonly used in connection with drying blowers.  These devices are equipped with special textile material which soaks up remaining water particles. The wash customer has an optimal drying result.

The ESSO Leikermoser mineral oil company Ges.m.b.H. washes successfully with the PRIMUS 1+1+1 at their installation site St. Johann in Austria.

The ESSO Leikermoser mineral oil company Ges.m.b.H. washes successfully with the PRIMUS 1+1+1 at their installation site St. Johann in Austria.
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This ultimate drying concept has been successfully implemented in the roll-over wash unit segment by combining the proven high-speed roll-over wash unit PRIMUS 1+1 with the new cylinder dryer.

The portal with the textile drying elements is positioned in front of the drying portal in the entrance area.  This portal with it's soft textile drying elements is visually perceived by the wash customer upon him entering the wash unit.  Both drying portals move into their waiting position in the hall entrance once the wash program is automatically started.  The pre-wash starts with 85 bar high-pressure and foam in preparing the vehicle for a gentle wash.  The passenger vehicle is now washed in two complete cycles with the textile roof and both textile side cylinders, during which the Christ patented jointed brushes an an evenly applied pressure gently wash the vehicle's entire side surfaces.  The under-chassis wash is carried out parallel to the washing cycle.  An integrated length measurer ensures that the moving path of the under-chassis washer corresponds to the exact length of the vehicle.  The vehicle is conserved with top-quality wax in a separate cycle.

Following the wax application, the drying portal operating with three drying blowers moves out of it's waiting position and begins drying the vehicle in one cycle.  The drying results in the front and rear area are optimized through the complete 30° swivelling roof blower.

The textile drying unit with it's three drying cylinders now come into play and in one cycle soak up any remaining water droplets in one cycle.  The result:  an optimal drying.

The PRIMUS 1+1+1 Polishing-Dryer

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This upgrade component enables the unit operator to enlargen his offer on premium programs.

An especially interesting unit concept for all new construction sites as well as existing objects with a wash hall length of 17 meters.

This unit concept has already been successfully implemented in several different countries. Through use of this new unit concept, each of these operations was able to considerably increase their wash price and broaden their customer groups to include those with higher demands on the vehicle wash.

Another innovation from Christ AG, which enables you to successfully differentiate yourself from competitors in the highly-competitive wash market.


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