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The new power wash for busses and trucks
Maximum wash capacity with fantastic cleaning results.

Sparkling vehicles have become an irreplaceable means of successful advertising for industry-, transport and public transport companies.  Not to mention, that the value of regularly cleaned vehicles is much better preserved. The time saving automatic wash facility MAGNUM-3 equally ensures maximum wash results and maximum profitability.

MAGNUM the basic model:  Robust, durable optimal
The self-propelled, fully automatic truck & bus wash unit MAGNUM is designed for maximum longevity with its robust, completely galvanized steel portal.  Logically constructed machine components and the tried and true drive units from Christ AG contribute to the greatest extent to an unbeaten reliability.

This is how the MAGNUM functions:
The wash cylinders are electronically controlled (MPC) so that the applied brush pressure is regulated for a contour-following, gentle and most effective vehicle wash.

Although standardly equipped with 3 wash cylinders, the MAGNUM truck & bus wash unit can also be constructed with 2 wash cylinders upon request.  Rolled, full profile travelling tracks corresponding to the hall length and a service terminal with clear text display for program selection are included in the wash unit’s basic equipment.

Modular construction MAGNUM – just the right solution for every fleet!
Further accessory equipment, such as wheel guiding tubes and splash protection for side and roof cylinders are optionally available.  According to how the unit is intended to be operated, the modular construction of the MAGNUM enables the basic model to be upgraded with advantageous accessory equipment as per requirement.

Bus mirror wash program with centre cross-over wash
In the front wash, the side cylinders wash between the protruding bus mirrors and move around them by switching over to the side surface wash (mirror damage is avoided).

Truck with trailer
Interspace wash in wash program “TRUCK with trailer”.  A safety function prevents the wash cylinders from contacting the drawbar and coupler.  Frequency controlled geared motor drives guarantee jolt-free and therefore low-wear unit operation.  Minimum wash times can be achieved with speeds variable from 6 – 18 m/min..
Optimum applied brush pressure.  Electronic wash cylinder control (MPC) accomplishes a contour-following, gentle and effective vehicle wash.

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For further information, please contact us at:

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Telefax: + 49 8331 857-249
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