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LED display technology

Modern, high-power, dependable
Save energy with the innovative LED display technology

Christ AG has implemented LED technology for displays in roll-over wash units for the past 20 years.

The advantages of a program display are apparent.  Individual display texts inform wash customers of the actual task being carried out by the roll-over wash unit.  Displaying additional pointers for special actions such as happy hours or displaying individual program names is easy work with a program display.

LEDs of the newest generation with increased illuminating power, in new, vibrant colours such as blue and white are employeed.

The increased illuminating power of this technology makes it easy to use display indicatioins in direct sunlight.  In comparison to display systems still using standard light bulbs which due to their weak illuminating power are not readable in direct sunlight.

LEDs can be used for up to 100.000 operational hours whereas standard light bulbs can only be used for approx. 1.000 operational hours.  Added expenses for changing out bulbs are also avoided.  Energy consumed by a LED display is also considerably lower than displays that work with standard light bulbs.

Roll-overs in idle state can be programmed to display texts as break fillers.  When switched on for 8 hours per day on 286 days in the year, this modern LED technology saves up to 180 kwh.

An annual cost saving of up to 25,20 at an energy price of 14,00 cent/kWh.  Calcualted at 8 years operation time, energy savings amount to 201,60 €.

The new LED technology has also been implemented in the display concepts of the new roll-over wash units CENTUS, VARIUS and GENIUS as well as in the external program display.  The display systems in the VARIUS and the external program display are additionally equipped with an illuminating power control depending on the surrounding light condition.

This light display innovation has taken into consideration changing light conditions.  Whether daytime, nightime or in bad weather, this display is always well readable without blinding.

Save energy with the innovative LED display technology from Christ AG.


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