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Jetstream + Matrix

The innovative high-pressure wash for wash tunnels
The Jetstream designed for wash tunnels

An effective and powerful automatic high-pressure pre-wash is especially necessary in order to relieve the wash tunnel's following main wash area in connection with express wash concepts where pre-wash personnel is eliminated.

The high-pressure pre-wash arch „Jetstream“ from Otto Christ AG (hydraulically or electromotorically driven) sprays the vehicle with its up to 50 spot spray jets working in opposite directions from eachother and changing their spray direction in order to achieve the best possible coverage even at the vehicle's rear. A working pressure of up to 60 bar can be achieved in combination with powerful supply pumps.  An optimum automatic vehicle rear wash is guaranteed by means of the rear-swivelling process.

The "Jetstream" can be additionally upgraded by a stationary, accompanying high-pressure wheel and rim wash device "Matrix".  This device carries out the touchless high-pressure cleaning of the sensitive sill and rim area and especially the wheelhouse and ideally prepares for the wheel and sill wash with wash cylinders to follow.  Two accompanying high-pressure devices on each portal side "mill" away grime with spot spray jets on the sides and wheelhouse.  The teetering function in combination with the accompanying movement ensures full surface coverage cleaning performance.  In combination with powerful supply pumps a working pressure of up to 50 bar can be achieved.


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