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The new roll-over wash unit - simply brilliant!

The Vitesse – high-pressure concept shortens wash times by 20 %
The Genius Vitesse

The new roll-over wash unit in the classic segment is designed for all wash operations performing 400 to 1.500 washes per month.  This unit was developed in correlation with the wash market demands placed on petrol stations, DIY wash centers, car dealerships, auto repair workshops and fleet operations.  Shapely, plastic paneling made from solid-colored special plastic and smooth surfaces simplify unit care.

The Vitesse - High-pressure concept shortens wash times by 20%

The maximum passage width in the mirror area of 2.400 mm is especially designed for new SUV and van shapes.  The staggered passage heights of 2.300, 2.400, 2.500, 2.600, 2.700, 2.800, 2.900  and 3.150 mm guarantee that every wash height can be covered by this compact unit construction.

The unit model GENIUS lays the foundation for a profit-winning wash business in the petrol station sector. Newest technologies in connection with proven components and a successful design, make this modern roll-over wash unit exceptional. The wash and drying devices reveal the newest factory technology and guarantee satisfied wash customers.

Unit paneling and wash material color can be freely selected from a wide array of colors, which assures that every unit benefits from a striking market appearance.  Even the unit backside is completely covered with paneling.  The smooth running of all machine components stimulates consumers to trust in the installed unit technique.

The sturdy portal frame made from 6 mm sheet steel is galvanized and is provided with a special cover layer paint finishing.  Components are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloys and consequently secure the value of this investment for many years.  Unit performance and the required program structure can be individually designed using the extensive accessory equipment program.  Options such as foam pre-wash, wax conservation and high-pressure pre-wash ensure a high average wash price and fast investment profitability.

The Vitesse – High-pressure concept shortens wash times by 20 %
High-pressure pre-wash with active emulsion

The high-pressure wash is carried out during the brush wash and requires no additional work sequence.  The jet nozzle fittings located in the front apply 50 bar high-pressure and cover vehicle surfaces oscillating at a 25° angle.  The jet nozzle fittings are motorically driven and employee 4 point-of-spray jets on the roof and on both sides.

This oscillating high-pressure pre-wash is perceived as a superior wash experience.

Your benefits
- Time savings
- Increased vehicle wash capacity
- More profits

SENSOTEX+ and SENSOFIL+ are the newest generation of wash materials that are especially gentle on the vehicle’s paint finish and clean effectively, your wash customers appreciate that!  The offered Christ – jointed brush device is actively perceived by the wash customer and assures you customers that particularly value excellent wash results.

It’s not just a looker, the pivoting roof blower is also a technical triumph.  This Christ technique has been successfully implemented for over 15 years. The photo-cell controlled jets are pivoted on the vehicle’s front and rear areas for achieving best possible drying results.

Light barriers are employed for executing vehicle contour scanning and ensure that the drying blowers are moved in towards the vehicle as closely as possible.  The complete drying device is made from aluminum and pivots at the front and rear of the vehicle in order to maximize air-stream effectiveness.

An application upgrade is now offered with the new OptiAir–System.  This technique enables the angle of the drying jets to be changed sequentially depending on individual vehicle contours and in the process achieves even better drying results.Side drying is supported by two additional blowers up to a height of 1,70 mtr. For a fast drying cycle.

This unit model fulfills the requirements of the VDA-seal.

Stefan Schwarzer
Sales Manager
Memmingen, 23.04.2012

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Picture subtitle Active Foam Device: Hard-to-remove dirt is effectively softened before the wash cylinders are employed.

Picture subtitle High-Pressure Side Wash: Lower side and entry areas are intensively cleaned by 85 bar high-pressure jets integrated in the wheel wash discs on each side.


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Telefax 0 83 31/857-185
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