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Wash tunnel components

For high-performance wash tunnels
Flex-express designed for wash tunnels

This machine aggregate was especially developed for highly frequented wash tunnel sites and can be implemented for increased vehicle wash capacity at band speeds of up to 14 mtr./min..

The wrap-around washer is the central wash aggregate in the high-performance wash tunnel.  Both of the centre passing vertical wash cylinders reach the front, side and rear vehicle surfaces by means of the wrap-around movement of the flexible wash arms.  Even in the otherwise critical rear area of the vehicle, the rear wash cylinders produce perfect cleaning results by a constant rear-following movement.

This wrap-around washer can be combined with contour cylinders for the detailed cleaning of the vehicle's fender areas, the lower side areas and door sill areas.

The advantages of the high-performance wash aggregate

Wash portal made from refined stainless steel.
Can be designed to operate electromotorically or hydraulically.
Can also be retrofitted in any wash tunnel of any other popular make.
Highest amount of vehicle throughput at band speeds of up to 14 mtr./min..
Perfect wash results on the rear of the vehicle by means of a constant rear-following movement of the wash cylinders.
Perfect supplement to wash tunnels with increased wash customer visitation on weekends (peak times).


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