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Extra blowers for SUVs & vans

Accessory blowers for SUVs, VANs and transporters - a Christ innovation at the Automechanika 2010

The amount of SUVs and VANs and light-duty commercial vehicles driven continues to grow. This new customer group places new requirements on vehicle washes, especially in regards to vehicle side drying.

Until now, roll-over wash units were only capable of drying vehicles up to a height of 1.600 to maximum 1.800 mm with a side blower. The upper vehicle side areas were not dried!

The new roll-over wash unit PRIMUS offers two accessory blowers that dry upper vehicle areas, in addition to the machine's two existing pivotting side blowers.

These accessory blowers are automatically switched on depending on the recognized vehicle height.

Adjustable side blowers, drying height 1.570 mm:

Motor performance could be lowered from 2 x 4 kW to 2 x 3 kW by means of the blowers being driven out. Less power consumption for a more environmentally friendly vehicle wash blower.

Additional blower for SUVs, VANs and transporters:
Vehicles with oversize heights can now be completely dried like a passenger vehicle.

Machine passage height     Drying height
2.300 mm                        1.575 to 2.070 mm
2.400 mm                        1.575 to 2.170 mm
2.500 mm                        1.575 to 2.270 mm
2.600 mm                        1.575 to 2.370 mm
2.700 mm                        1.575 to 2.470 mm
2.800 mm                        1.575 to 2.570 mm

These vehicles can now be washed in automatic vehicle washes without any problems - an active contribution to preserving our environment.

In comparison to DIY hand washing:
- Water consumption is minimum 4x as high (no water recycling unit).
- Chemical cleaning agents are implemented without monitoring.
- Higher time and cost investment (employment of staff)

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