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Christ hybrid technology - The high-performance wash tunnel

A novelty from Christ AG!
The new hybrid technology wash aggregates from Christ AG

Wash tunnel installation sites with high wash customer potential require adequate/fitting machine technology, in order to generate a maximum on vehicle throughput.

Maximum vehicle throughput is achieved with the hybrid wash technology from Christ, as this machine technology is especially designed for high conveyor band speed wash operation.
Vehicles are washed cleanly and gently even at conveyor band speeds up to 14 mtr./min. for vehicle throughput from up to 140 passenger vehicles/hour and more with respectively dimensioned conveyor chain lengths, equipment assembly and mounting.

Definition „Hybrid“
Generally speaking, the technical term "Hybrid" is understood to be a system in which two technologies are combined with one another.


Christ Hybrid technology
Enables two different wash cylinder motor concepts to be used in the high-performance wash tunnel made from refined steel from Christ AG.
The wash cylinders are therefore either hydraulic or electrical in connection with a frequency converter (for setting the cylinder rotation speed).

You have the choice - in all of our hybrid wash cylinder systems,  without having to pass on high-performance wash sequences (up to 14mtr./min. conveyor band spped).  This prevents long queue times in front of the wash tunnel even on busy wash days and peak times.  Through the efficient work sequence of the aggregates, combined with the employment of refined steel, the long life span and wear reduction are accounted for.

In our new COMPACT-HYBRID frame system made from high-grade refined steel, diverse wash cylinder systems are integrated and can be combined depending on each wash tunnel's individual conception.  The main advantage of this frame system combined with the integrated cylinder system is the unusually little installation space required for a high-performance wash tunnel.

The special frame geometry enables any of our accompanying wheel & rim wash devices or the longitudinal, compact wheel & rim wash device located directly below the roof cylinder add-on system KINEMATIC, i.e. the Washmitter add-on system.

Roof cylinder add-on system KINEMATIC
This word Kinematik is defined as being the teaching of the movement of bodies in a room.  Our roof cylinder moves, without any mechanical lifting action, over the horizontal vehicle surfaces to be washed such as the front, motor hood, front window, roof, rear window, trunk hood and even the rear of the vehicle - washing these surfaces with simplicity and perfection.  A counter balance keeps the balance and a pneumatic cylinder serves for moving the cylinder outwards if necessary by means of a light barrier control.  A rotation direction change serves for the necessary safety during the wash sequences - also for the employment of textile wash material.

All-around washer - add-on system, 2 cylinders, back side on hybrid frame system
The all-around washer forms the central wash device for the high-performace wash tunnel.  Both built on back side, centre washing, vertical wash cylinders reach the front-, side- and rear surfaces of the vehicles through the all around flow of the flexible wash arms.

All-around washer - add-on system FLEX-EXPRESS, 2 cylinders, for hybrid frame system
We recommend employing the all-around washer - add-on system FLEX-EXPRESS for increased wash performance in the rear area.  This all-around washer has an additioinal joint with air control per wash arm, which enables the all-around washer to do an additional air-controlled pivot-in on the vehicle during the all-around flow on the rear.  Due to the sequence of movements, the first wash cylinder is mounted on the back side of the first frame system and the second wash cylinder on the front side of the second frame system.

All-around washer - add-on system, 2 cylinders, front side on hybrid frame system
The all-around washer as the high-performance wash tunnel's central wash aggregate can be mounted if selected on the front side of the frame system COMPACT-HYBRID.  Both front side mounted, centre cross-over washing, vertical wash cylinder reach the front, sides, and rear surfaces of the vehicles through the all-around flow of the flexible wash arms.

Washmitter - add-on system diagonal or longitudinal
This is integrated in the COMPACT-HYBRID frame system.  The hanging, swinging textile strips reach the motor hood, the roof, and the trunk hood of the vehicles.  The textile strip material hung in rows, moves either crossways (washmitter diagonal) or longitudinally (washmitter longitudinal) to the conveyor device and the vehicle.  A polishing spray device can be mounted on the front side of the washmitter.

Contour wash unit VAN-KONTEX-HYBRID, 2 cylinders, WH 1.900 mm
This aggregate is used for washing the vehicle's wing areas and side surfaces.  The wash height is 1.900 mm, whereas the cylinder trimming is profiled.  It can also be used as a side polishing device within the polishing zone.  The contour wash unit is available in the same technical design but at a lower wash height and is not profiled.
Trimmed as:

Contour wash unit KONTEX-HYBRID, 2 Cylinders, WH 1.100 mm (main focus contours)

Contour wash unit MINI-KONTEX-HYBRID, 2 Cylinders, WH 500 mm (main focus rims)

Hydraulic cylinder drive concept
The Christ hydraulic station, a central supply aggregate which ensures hydraulic oil circulation is required in order to supply wash cylinders with hydraulic drives.  A central drive motor controls the three hydraulic pumps located in the hydraulic station (hydraulic- "Banks").  One hydraulic circuit can be supplied per hydraulic pump.  The hydraulic oil is kept in circulation by the hydraulic pump via corresponding feed lines and return lines.  Up to 3 hydraulic circuits can be supplied with the Christ hydraulic station.  The working pressure of the hydraulic pump circuits can be directly monitored on the hydraulic station.

The rotation speed of the hydraulically driven wash cylinders can be set as required also in consideration of the wash material used in that certain station.  The amount of Christ hydraulic stations required must be decided depending on the total amount of hydraulic circuits to be supplied.  The hydraulic stations can be situated separately and space-saving in the plant-room container or in the wash tunnel.

Electric cylinder drive concept
One frequency converter is built into the switchboard unit per wash cylinder drive in the electric cylinder drive concept.  The required cylinder rotation speed can be set on the frequency converter in consideration of the respective wash function and the wash material employed.


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