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The innovative central vacuum cleaner system from Christ AG

For a perfect interior cleaning
The central vacuum cleaner system from Christ AG for spotless interior vacuum results.

Especially developed for wash centres with increased wash and vacuum demand.

Advantages of the central vacuum unit by Christ AG:
Depending upon your business model, this system can be operated as a supplementary customer offer at charge or as a customer bonus free-of-charge.
The amount and positioning of the vacuum slots can be selected as desired.
The central suction line can be mounted on either an existing, adequate roof support or on a free-standing support system from Christ at a surcharge.
By means of the hose inlet from above, vehicles can be vacuumed with unlimited access.
The unit regulates suction performance in connection with the opened suction slots by means of the SPC-control and in combination with a frequency converter - highest performance at lowest operating costs.


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