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The new roll-over wash unit - We set the standards in touchless washing

Washing with just the help of high-pressure and cleaning agents - a new level of washing thanks to innovative technology!
The AQUATUS from Christ

Otto Christ AG, the innovation leader, presents their new roll-over wash unit AQUATUS, the modern wash unit model for the touchless wash segment.  This machine already fulfils the demands of tomorrow.  The touchless roll-over wash unit was designed using the PRIMUS portal construction as its basis.

At Christ, the initial phase of machine development starts with the analysis of future market demands on our wash units.  Wash demands and requirements are discussed and agreed upon with vehicle manufacturers, associations and customers from different regions of the world and once having been accepted are implemented in the construction of our new machines.

The new high-pressure and chemical system Opti-Stream+ has been especially designed for touchless vehicle washing.  This system also enables contour-following control of the roof beam, as well as, a high-performance drying concept for excellent drying results.

The plus in the Opti-Stream+ device is formed by an advanced dirt removal system operating with three different special chemicals.  The chemical jets (4 on each supply line integrated in the roof beam and 6 on each side) and the employed materials and special jet geometry display the following characteristics for efficient chemical application:
• Low drift flat spray jets; optimal application and even surface wetting
• Integrated non-return valves prevent delay yield following chemical application
• Particularly chemical resistant and tightly locked

The contour-following roof beam in the Opti-Stream+ system includes six point-of-spray jets that work oscillating with a working pressure of approx. 70 bar to release large dirt particles from the vehicle’s surface, as well as, six flat spray jets positioned parallel to the point-of-spray jets for evenly washing off the vehicle’s surface.  Wash shadows in hard to reach vehicle areas (for example the area above the rear license plate) are prevented by means of the innovative roof beam, which is capable of pivoting at a 200° angle and reaching extremely low depths.

One distinctive feature is the vehicle contour scanning developed by Christ.  Independent of the vehicle’s profile, the roof blower is pivoted to the best possible angle of approach.  This enhances drying results, as each vehicle’s specific model features are factored in during the drying.  This ensures attractive machine presentation without risk of corrosion throughout the entire machine life duration.

Wheel wash results are similar in importance to the washing and drying results.  The most innovative wheel wash system with wheel wash brushes up to 21” is installed in the AQUATUS.  In order to put the touchless concept completely into operation, high-pressure cross jets that clean the side sill area and the rims are employed.  Separate rim spray chemicals can also be used for perfectly cleaning wheel rims.  The entire wheel wash system is completely produced in stainless steel and aluminum – best quality for a long machine life!  Further accessory equipment such as e.g. active foam pre-wash, foam wax sealing, travelling tracks in stainless steel, under-chassis washer, service device with card or pin-code or the modern LED-positioning light can also be obtained.

In addition to the accessory equipment, the machine appearance can also be individually adjusted.  A wide array of colors are available for the plastic paneling.  Logos and advertisements on special labels can be applied, as has been the case for over 20 years at Christ.

Highly modern machine control of the newest generation also enables internet supported connection to the Christ remote maintenance system „C-IS“. This is especially beneficial to operators of multiple machines, company chains and company corporations.  Machine management succeeds online.

The AQUATUS is best designed for wash operations that are focused on impressing customers with a high-quality vehicle wash but don’t necessarily want to take the same path as all other competitors.  The AQUATUS could also for example be combined with a DIY-Wash Park. The wash process is carried out in the same style as the high-pressure wash; however, it simultaneously offers the comfort of an automatic vehicle wash.  Additionally, the vehicle is completely dried.  Furthermore, the AQUATUS, is also capable of washing lighter special vehicle types such as pickups, which at the right operation site could bring new wash customers.  All of this with a product from Christ “Made in Germany“!

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Alexander Fusz
Export Manager
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Alexander Fusz
Export Manager


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