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Company History

History of the company "The Real Car Wash Factory"


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Since 1963, Otto Christ AG has been one of the leading manufacturers of car wash units in Europe.  The Christ company offers a wide array of products, ranging from roll-over wash units, wash tunnels, tram and train wash units, polishing units, truck & bus wash units, self-service wash parks to water recycling systems.  Even our complete line of accessory equipment:  vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, advertising agents, magnet card readers, as well as, car wash and care products are produced in our factory in Memmingen (Germany).  Approximately 49% of our equipment is exported.


Subsidiaries are based in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakian Republic.



• The CHRIST Company as we know it today has gone through many changes...

•  In 1879, Anton Christ established a craft business in Memmingen. 

•  CHRIST originally produced grain sieves, wire mesh and trelliswork. 

•  For the first time in 1924, automatic machinery was used for the production of wire netting. (Otto Christ).

-  War years: Nailing machines and

   Wire mattresses.

-  1956:        Steel band production

   Wire drawing for

   Further industrial processing.

-  1963:        Franz Christ built his first car wash unit next to his parents business.

        Single unit production followed, which laid the foundation for production during that time. 

-  1968:        The first wash tunnel was built.  Advancements in motorization led to a constant increase in demand.

-  1980:        This branch of business soon acquired decisive importance for the company’s future.

   For this reason, the company stopped steel band production in 1980 and focused their future attention on producing car wash units and wash tunnels.

-  1996:        Company restructuring to Otto Christ AG.

-  2000:        Acquisition of SVG Superwash Waschanlagen GmbH

- 2007:         Acquisition of Skinetta Pac Systems



A wide-range of products:

Main groups:    Roll-over car wash units 

Wash tunnels

Self-service wash bays 

Truck and bus wash units

Tram wash units

Train wash units

Water recycling systems

Polishing units

Accessories:     Under-chassis washers, vacuum cleaners

Value and program cards, shunting platforms etc.

Car Care (Car wash and care products)

Accessories for DIY Wash Parks, advertising material

Company information:

Type of Company:  Corporation since September 1996

Supervisory Board: Otto Christ (Chairman), Franz Christ

Board of Directors: Otto Christ, Alexander Christ, Markus Christ,

Engelbert Haggenmüller

Personnel:             1400 throughout Europe 

Incl. 32 commercial apprentices and 50 industrial apprentices and 10 dual students


Apprenticeships:     Industry merchant, computer science merchant, 

Design draftsman, Specialist for warehouse logistics


Apprenticeships:     Mechatronician, Cutting machine operator,

Industrial electrician, Machine and plant operator


Dual courses:         Industrial engineering

Mechanical engineering

Electrical engineering


Annual turnover:    2010  115 Mill. €

2011  119 Mill. €

2012  124 Mill. €

2013  126 Mill. €

2014  146 Mill. €

2015  150 Mill. €

Export share:         ca. 49 %

Covered production floor 

space: 78.709 m² including the factory 2, factory 3, Christ Chemical, Christ Elektronik, Christ Packing und Christ Tschechien 


National Sales & Service structure:

• Direct sales

• Regional sales representatives 14

• Customer service technical support 80 (Germany)


International Sales & Service structure:


• Austria    

• Switzerland    

• France    

• Netherlands    

• Spain    

• Hungary    

• Czech Republic

• Slovakian Republic

Authorized dealers:

• Australia

• Belarus

• Belgium

• Bosnia

• Bulgaria

• China

• Croatia

• Canary Islands

• Denmark

• Estonia

• Finland

• Greece

• Great Britain

• India

• Irak

• Iran

• Ireland

• Italy

• Kazakhstan

• Korea

• Kuwait

• Latvia

• Libya

• Lithuania

• Luxembourg

• Macedonia

• New Zealand

• Norway

• Peru

• Poland

• Portugal

• Romania

• Russia 

• Serbia

• Slovenia

• Sweden

• Thailand

• Turkey

• Ukraine



Subsidiaries for different products:

• SVG Super Wash Waschanlagen GmbH

• Auto-Jet Waschstraßen Betriebs GmbH

• Christ Service GmbH

• Christ Engineering GmbH

• Christ Packing Systems GmbH & Co. KG

• Christ Electronic Systems GmbH


For further information, please contact:  Otto Christ AG, P. O. Box 12 54, 87682 Memmingen, Germany, Telefon +49 83 31 857-0, Telefax +49 83 31 857-249.  






Memmingen, 12.02.2016


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